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The Phil Upchurch Complete Collection 1961 - 2001

I personally put this together, signed & numbered the box set. 21 CD's with over 200 performances plus 2 bonus CD's compiled by me from special gigs.

Also included is my autobiography, "Swinging With The Stars" 43 years in the trenches with some of the biggest names in show business.

Payable by certified check, money order, or western union. Payable to Phil Upchurch - Price.....$1,000.00

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1 - 1960 - YOU CAN'T SIT DOWN PART 2 UAL 3162

You Can't Sit Down parts 1 & 2, Oop Poop Ado, Honest Injun, Pink Lollipop, Pogo, Cha Cha Cha Blues, Straw Hat Running Bear, Nothing But the Soul, Evad Organ Boogie, Cha Cha Maracas.
2 - 1961 - THE BIG HIT DANCES UAL 3175

Here It Tis, The Swival parts 1 & 2, Flap Jack, Fill Up, Sonia, Stonwall, Edward the 3rd, Darktown Strutter Ball, Clean It Up, Diddly Bo, The Persian.
3 - 1967 - FEELING BLUE MSP 9010 (featuring Wynton Kelly, Jimmy Cobb & Richard Davis)

Feeling Blue, Stop & Listen, Corcovado, Really Sincere, Tangerine, Up, Up and Away, Isreal, Subaceous Lament, Muscle Soul, I Want A Little Girl.
4 - 1969 - UPCHURCH Cadet LPS 826 (With Donny Hathaway on piano)

Black Gold, America, As You Said, You Wouldn't You Couldn't Be True, Crosstown Traffic, Adam & Charlene, Spinning Wheel, VooDoo Chile, More & More, Midnite Chile.
5 - 1970 - THE WAY I FEEL Cadet LPS 840 (With Donny Hathaway on piano)

Peter Peter, Wild Wood, The Time For Love, The Way I Feel, Bacn' Chips, You Don't Have To Know, Softly, Pretty Blue, Electrik Head.
6 - 1971 - DARKNESS-DARKNESS Blue Thumb BTS6005 (With Joe Sample, Harvey Mason, Chuck Rainey)

Darkness-Darkness, Fire & Rain, What We Call the Blues, Cold Sweat, Please Send Me Someone To Love, Iner City Blues, You've Got A Friend, Love & Peace, Sweet Charlot, Sausalito Blues.
7 - 1973 - LOVIN' FEELING Blue Thumb BTS 59

Keep On Trippin, Another Funkey Tune, Being At War With Each Other, Sitar Soul, You've Lost That Loving' Feeling, I Still Love You, Washing Machine, You've Been Around Too Long.
8 - 1975 - UPCHURCH-TENNYSON Kudo 22 (w/ Bob James, Steve Gadd, David Sanborn)

You've Got Style, Ave Maria, In Common, Tell Me Something Good, Don't I Know You?. South Side Morning, Evil, Black Gold, I Wanted It Too.
9 - 1978 - PHIL UPCHURCH Marlin 2209

Strawberry Letter 23, Free, Good Times, Church Street Station, It's Almost 5, Fooling Around, Cyrenna. (Phil plays drums on Cyrenna)
10 - 1982 - FREE & EASY Jam 007 (w/ Eddie Harris, Russ Ferrante, Harvey Mason)

Free & Easy, Groovin' Slow, People Make The World Go `Round, Midnite Blue, Reunion, Moments Notice, She's Out Of My Life.
11 - 1983 - REVELATION Jam 011 (w/ Eddie Harris, Russ Ferrante)

Soft Shoulder, Freedom Jazz Dance, When and If I Fall In Love, Revelation, Light Of Love, You Can't Sit Down, I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face.
12 - 1984 - NAME OF THE GAME Jam 018 (w/ Marlena Shaw, & Russ Ferrante)

Name of THe Game, Where Do We Go From Here?, When I Think Of You, She's Mine, Could It Be You?, Samba For Wanda, Pass It On.
13 - 1985 - COMPANIONS Jam 021 (w/ Lenny Breau, Russ Ferrante, Jimmy Witherspoon, Gerald Albright)

Companions, Song For Lenny, Mr T (BA's Song), Show Your Love, Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin', Blues In THe Middle, Rosanna, C.C. Rider.
14 - 1986 - PHIL UPCHURCH presents The LA JAZZ QUINTETTE Padle Wheel K28P-6440 (Japan) (w/ Bobby Lyle, Harvey Mason, Brian Bromberg, Brandon Fields)

Summertime, Sunday Morning, Here's That Rainey Day, Big Al, You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To, The Look Of Love.
15 - 1987 - PHIL UPCHURCH TRIO Paddle Wheel K28P 6459 (Japan) (w/ John Clayton & Harvey Mason)

Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho, D'Jango, Sister Sadie, Blues For Paul, Dolphin Dance, All Blues, Love FOr Sale, Embraceable You.
16 - 1991 - MIDNITE BLUE King KICJ53 (Japan) (w/ Kirk Whalum & the Emotion)

The Name Of The Game, Round and Round, People Get Ready, Chicago Stomp, Need To Belong, Midnite Blue, Bluz, Welcome.
17 - 1992 - ALL I WANT Ichiban ICH1127 (USA) (featuring Phil Upchurch on all instruments except for 2 of the tracks) This album was never intended for public release but to make a long story short-- Here it is...

Poison, When I Need It Bad, 12/15, 516, Grace, What Will I Do?, U God It Gowin On.
18 - 1993 - WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE BLUES? (Europe & Japan) GoJazz/Polystar PSCS-5019 (available in the USA in 1997) (w/ Oscar Brown, Rosie Galnes, Jack McDuff, Les McCann, Maceo & the JB Horns, Pops & Mavis Staples)
19 - 1996 - LOVE IS STRANGE GoJazz/BBE 55552 (USA at last) Phil's vocal debut (w/ Chaka Kahn, Mavis Staples, The Steels, Ricky & Paul Peterson, Ben Sidran)

Winds Of Change, Midnite Blue, It's My Thing, Love Is Strange, Knock On Wood, The Long Way Home, Blues For J.O.S., I'll Just Keep Holding On, Leave No Child, Relaxin' At Camrillo (It was Groovy In There), Bre's Blues.
20 - 1999 - RHAPSODY & BLUES GoJazz go60352 Phil Upchurch and the 20 piece Phil-Harmonic Orchestra Live at Musicians Institute.

516, Whatever Happened To The Blues?, Black Gold, 12/25, Amber, Name Of The Game, 6 To 4, Everything Is Everything.
21 - 2001 - TELL THE TRUTH Evidence ECD22222-2 Quartet 13 tracks

Jive Samba, Jack O Speed, La Costa, Manhattan, Take Five, Home Again, Long Gone Bird, Tell The Truth, Back In Love Again, St. Louis Blues, Girl Talk, She's Alright, Misty.
BONUS CD's - 2 bonus CD's compiled by me from special gigs.
22 - 2000 - I'LL KEEP HOLDING ON - CSW 064 Phil Upchurch's first Gospel release assembled for a christian conference in Japan.

Winds Of Change, Jesus, Amazing Grace, The Long Way Home, The Tide Keeps Lifting Me, 6 to 4, Peace and Love, People Get Ready.
23 - 2001 - MOMENTS - CSW 065 My first solo album with 15 tracks

Satin Doll, My Funny Valentine, It's Nice To Have You Around, My One And Only Love, Gershwins Prelude #2, She's Out Of My Life, I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face, Pass It On, Prelude To A Kiss, Darn That Dream, Purple Garden, Pray For Me, Misty, St. Louis Blues, Amazing Grace